Privacy Policy
All the personal data that we at collect and use are with your permission.
Some data that we collect includes your name, preferred address, preferred phone number, email
address and any other data that relates to you and would be required by us in order to serve you. Our
privacy policy would give you detailed information about everything that you want to know regarding
our handling of your data.

How your data gets collected

We collect your data from various options that are present on our website like when you sign up for any
of our services, when you need any assistance from our customer service team, when you subscribe to
our newsletters or submit surveys on our website and when you participate in activities, contests or jobs
that are available on our website.

What type of data is collected?

Along with collecting your personal account data that you submit through all the above channels, we
also collect service usage data, which in fact gets collected automatically. This data contains information
regarding your time of interaction, browser configuration, and its type, IP address etc. These data help
us in approximating your location. The last type of data that we get is supplementary data which are
basically third-party data that we get from the public database.

Why do we collect data?

We have minimum data collection policy and we only collect those data which are relevant to us and
that too with your permission. We use the data to deliver, improve and update our services. Other
reasons for collecting your data includes improving as well as optimizing our service performances,
identifies any security risk or error that is present in our service and to improve them, prevention of
fraud associated with our services along with collecting statistics about our service. Your data is also
used by us to contact you for updating you with the latest offers, discounts, services, sending
newsletters or any other thing that you have agreed to receive from us.

How secure is your data?

We at follow the general standards of collecting, storing and protecting
personal data. We retain the data as long as we need it to provide you with the service that has been
requested. Our data retention policies are based on the retention period that has been mandated by the
legal authorities for preserving, enforcing, resolving or defending our contractual and legal rights.

How you can manage your data with us?

You can visit our website anytime to access and update your personal data. If want to delete your data,
that too would be honored by us as we said before, we only keep your data with your permission but