Are you a new parent who is searching for good and unique names for your baby girls? Then you are at the right place, in this article we have listed the top 20 names for your newborn princess along with the meaning. We know, that you not only want to give your daughter a unique name but also want that the name should have a beautiful meaning.

Parenting is one of the toughest phase of women’s life but if you have a proper guidance and planning this won’t be difficult at all. I have been reading and sharing knowledge on this form a very long time and my take on this is that you should explore as much as you can to be a perfect parents. And this one of the precious piece of content which you need at the beginning stage of your life.

  1. Aashi– the meaning of this name literally translates into the word smile. So if you like the smile of your little sunshine, then you can call her with this name.
  2. Afsa– Afsa is an Urdu word which means “pretty”. It is also the name of the wife of Prophet Mohammed.
  3. Anitha– this is a unique name which means “Grace”. Everybody wants their daughter to turn out to be a graceful lady, so why not start with the name?
  4. Bhuvika– Bhuvika means “heaven”. You have got your lifetime happiness as a blessing from the heaving, so you can definitely try out this unique yet meaningful name.
  5. Chahna– with her small footsteps, your little princess has added charm to your life. So you can call her Chahna which means “Charm”.
  6. Hemali- this name is quite unique and the meaning is deep. Just like your daughter is as precious to you like gold, the meaning of this name is “gold coated”.
  7. Kavya– this name is beautiful and so is its meaning. If you love poetry then you can go ahead and name your daughter Kavya, because it means “poetry”.
  8. Mahika– the morning dew drops are beautiful. We love seeing them on the beautiful lush green grasses. And so is your daughter, she is a beautiful gift for you and you can call her Mahika which means “dew”.
  9. Myra– this is a very stylish name and the meaning translates to “Sweetness”. The sweetness of your little princess can acquire her the name Myra.
  10. Nalika– Lotus is beautiful, and so is your little sunshine. So you can give her this unique and beautiful name which means “lotus”.
  11. Pari- Event though, this name is not very unique but it is a wonderful name. Your daughter is your angel, so you can surely call her Pari, which means “angel”.
  12. Pradhi– we all want our children to be intelligent so that they can succeed in life. Pradhi means intelligent, just the same way we want our daughters to be.
  13. Richana– this is a very unique name which sounds strong and powerful. The meaning of Richana is “creation” which truly depicts the idea that she is a beautiful yet powerful creation of God.
  14. Raksha– Raksha means “protection”. This name implies power and why not name your daughter with this, because she would grow up to have a very strong and powerful personality.
  15. Sadika– we all want our children to achieve everything that the world can offer them. The name Sadika means “achiever”, just someone you want her to be in future.
  16. Shea– your daughter is your fairy and you must wanting to give her a fairytale life. You can definitely do that for her, and start by naming her Shea which means “Fairy Palace”.
  17. Taahira– this is a beautiful name, yet it is not common. The meaning of this name is “modesty”, the way we want to and choose to act.
  18. Umika– this is one of the  of the goddess Parvathi, which is truly beautiful.
  19. Venya– the name would describe your wishing for getting your little princess in your life. The name Venya not only sounds beautiful but also have a beautiful meaning, which is “wished for”
  20. Zia– we are sure, your daughter has lighted up your life with her presence, so why not acknowledge her for that and name her Zia, which means “light”.

There are many other names that can be given to your daughter, but we have chosen the top 20 name which has a beautiful meaning and would suit the little doll of your life. We know it is very difficult to choose a name from the long list, but we guess the meaning would prove to be helpful for you.

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