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If you are someone who is currently not planning for babies then you would need some precautions to make your family planning perfect. Apart from taking family planning pills and using condoms, you can also have sex on safe days to avoid pregnancy. If you do not know when you would have your safe days are, read on to know more.

When is it safe?

There are days in your period cycle when you cannot get pregnant because you are not fertile during that time. According to doctors, your most fertile days are the days near your ovulation; it is the time when you are most likely to get pregnant. So always remember, the more you get near your ovulation days, your chances of getting pregnant increases.

How does that happen?

We all know that to get pregnant, the egg in the woman’s body needs to meet a fertile sperm.  The life of egg is about a day after ovulation whereas the life of sperm is of about six days after sex. So in short, you would be the most fertile within around a week for each of your menstrual cycles, which includes five days prior to your ovulation and also includes the day of your ovulation. Pregnancy can also come to you one or two days after ovulation but that is very less likely. But it is really hard to know the days you are ovulating, but before we know that, let us give a brief about what ovulation is all about.

A brief on Ovulation

Ovulation is, of course, a most important part of your menstrual cycle. It is the time when an egg is released from your ovaries.  At that point, if the egg gets fertilized by sperm, then the egg would travel to your uterus and would implant itself which would ultimately lead to pregnancy. If the egg remains unfertilized, then it gets disintegrated and is shed within your period time. Understanding your ovulation days properly would help you to avoid pregnancy successfully. Ovulation generally occurs around 14th day of your 28 days period cycle, but in case you do not have an exact 28 days period cycle then the ovulation days may vary. So, in general, ovulation occurs on either four days before or four days after the midpoint of your period cycle.

How to track it?

Now reading all these, you may find it very confusing to track the proper dates of your ovulation. It would need a lot of calculation as well as you would need to track each day properly, and if you make any mistake, you might get pregnant. While calculating safe period days, you would need to keep in mind that the first day when you bleed is considered as the first day of your menstrual. The safe period is between day 1 and 7, and between day 21 till the next cycle occurs for women who have the regular 26-32 days of the cycle. So if you have sex during safe days and it is also advisable to use birth control measures, then you would have no chance of getting pregnant. However, as you can see, it is a task to calculate your ovulation manually, so it is now when safe period calculator comes to your rescue. If you have not heard about it yet, don’t worry, we would give you all the information.

What is safe period calculator?

Safe period calculators are online applications which would help you to track the approximate date of your ovulation. Here, all you would need to do is, remember the 1st day of your last period cycle and your shortest and longest period cycle. Shortest and longest period cycle can be observed by marking the dates on your calendar for 6 months. In fact, you do not have to put in the date manually to a real calendar. You can download a good safe period and period tracker on your phone, mark the date when you start bleeding and that’s it. They would calculate the ovulation days for you to show you your most fertile and infertile days, lessening your effort and time, and would also help you in tracking all of your period cycles.

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